Challange of Vejita

Game description
Challange of Vejita

Vejita needs to shoot astroids as a training.
But be aware, as long as he doesn’t train himself up to powerlevel 1.000.000 the astroids might just kill him when he gets hit. Goal of the game: Score a powerlevel of over 1.000.000.

Move the mouse to contole Vejita. Press the mouse button to shoot.

Also playable on mobile devices swiping Vejita and pressing the shoot button in the top left corner.

Shooting costs Vejita 1 stamina. When stamina gets below 2 it will slowly regenerate up until 2. Gain stamina by catching beans that can come out of astroids.

When stamina is over 100, Vejita becomes a super Saiya-Jin and his attack becomes stronger. Vejita transforms back when his stamina gets below 50 again.